Co-op Cash Back  
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Here's how it works!

1 Put the appropriate material in a package. co-op checklist

Stick on the mailing label and send it.

...and you're done with your co-op for the month!

3 ...weeks later
you'll get a copy of each claim showing what ads ran when and where and
the value of each ad. (View form samples here)


The Co-op Cash Back Systems co-op ad claims service:

  • Lets you reallocate valuable human resources
  • Saves you a lot of money directly and indirectly
  • Gets you more reimbursements

And using Co-op Cash Back Systems means you get a company
that is committed to:

  • Pursuing every manufacturer in all media for every possible reimbursement
  • Aggressively pricing every co-op ad claim
  • Working to get your reimbursements directly into your hands quickly
  • Easy to work with: no forms


  Call for more information:
or email us for more information here.
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