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Retailers - take advantage of co-op money for your business!

When the manufacturers offer you money to advertise their products, don’t leave it on the table! Co-op Cash Back Systems will file claims with ALL your manufacturers to reimburse you for their share of your advertising costs!

Each month you will get a checklist and a mailing label.

The checklist reminds you of the numerous co-opable media that
may be submitted for reinbursements from newspapers to wearables.

All you have to do is...

1 Put the appropriate material in a package.
2 Stick on the mailing label and send it.
3 ...weeks later - you'll get a copy of each claim showing what ads ran when and where and
the value of each ad. Click here to see how it works...
How It Works

It's Money BACK
in your pocket!

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co-op cash back

Co-op Cash Back Systems lets you:

  • Reallocate valuable human resources
  • Saves you a lot of money, directly and indirectly
  • More reimbursements!

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